Join Us at the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition

Posted: May 16th, 2024

We are excited to announce that we will be showcasing our cutting-edge smart library solutions at the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition. Join us from June 28th to July 1st at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA.
Intech will attend the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition.
About ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition
The American Library Association (ALA) is the oldest and largest library association in the world. Through its 50,000+ members, ALA serves as the nation's top resource for public, academic, private, and school libraries. The ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition is the world's largest library event that brings together thousands of librarians and library staff, educators, authors, publishers, friends of libraries, trustees, special guests, and exhibitors. The event features discussion on the timely and enduring issues, reflection on the ever-evolving role of libraries, updates on relevant legislation and policies, and more.

What you will discover:
AI Library Solution
Library staff is an essential part of a library as every task require manual intervention, but they can’t be everywhere all at once. Intech AI library solution is the new tech to take them away from repetitive tasks while can deeply engage with the patrons. AI inventory system and AI inventory robot use mapping, data collection, processing and transmission technologies to streamline inventory procedures and offer visual reports for better decision-making, so that staff are no longer stuck in tedious tasks. AI self-service kiosk allows patrons to self-check out and return items on the device, whereby frees up time for busy librarians from having to check in and out at a round desk.

Smart Mini Library Solution
Intech smart mini library is a revolutionary solution for library outreach service, featuring a tiny footprint to save space, and a simple “plug and play” installation to seamlessly integrate with your existing LMS. Adopting RFID technology, it offers a convenient all-in-one solution from patron’s 24/7h self-checkout and returns to library staff’s real-time tracking and management, allowing the whole library system to operate more efficiently and effectively. The authorized personnel access ensures the highest level of security for the stored library items. It is available in many model types with different capacity, and can be placed indoors and outdoors to increase circulation and extend library reach.

Find our team at Booth # 2719 to experience first-hand how our smart library solutions could transform your library experience.

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