Why Does An All-in-one Interactive Whiteboard Become Popular?

Posted: Mar. 27th, 2020

Focusing on interactive whiteboard R&D in smart education market since 2007, Intech has grown into a Top3 interactive whiteboard supplier in the worldwide.
all-in-one interactive whiteboard
All-in-one interactive whiteboard is one of the featured products launched by INTECH since 2014 with great success. This interactive whiteboard put whiteboard, PC and speaker together by offering a highly integrated multimedia classroom solution.
all in one interactive whiteboard applied to the classroom
All-in-one interactive whiteboard adopts smart classroom central control technology and integrates with computer (OPS), projectors and speakers. After installed with an extra projector, the whole all-in-one interactive whiteboard system provides lecturers more space when teaching. Besides, the button on the control panel makes it easier for lectures to start a class within one click. Lectures can save a lot of time on switching devices.

INTECH uses patented infrared patented technology to make whiteboard touching more sensitive and accurate. What’s more, INTECH multifunction software gives the user a better lesson preparation and delivery experience. Explore more! Please go to INTECH web:www.cnintech.com.

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