Intech Distributed Contactless Smart Library Solution in the Battle Against Coronavirus

Posted: Mar. 09th, 2020

The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic has been for more than three months. During the infections, the governments, the medical workers spare unremitting efforts to help contain the rapidly escalating epidemic. The suggested strategy is restricting movement, isolating possible, reducing contact and improving personal hygiene.
NO Coronavirus
Intech, as the leading smart library solution provider, has released a brand new solution on the distributed, contactless checkout system, to slow the spread of the pathogen and to improve the library service amid the epidemic.

The typical point of Intech smart mini library is no PIN verification required. Intech R&D team has established the risk-averse contactless channels by applying to facial recognition as well as swiping card. Moreover, Intech smart mini library with a self-check system allows patrons to finish checkins and checkouts by themselves in one minute. Undoubtedly, it is faster, safer, and more convenient than the traditional library service.
Intech smart mini library
To simplify the library service process, Intech has also developed Intech library mini program on WeChat. In that case, patrons can view the book's details via scanning QR code on the device’s screen, select books on their phone, and then take the target books from the corresponding grids of Intech smart mini library. It contributes to eliminating the risk of virus infection.
Intech smart library mini program on WeChat
As we know, confined spaces such as grocery, library, etc. with people gather together have been considered to have a great possibility of getting infected. However, on this point, there is no worry. Intech smart mini library is a kind of mobile equipment suitable for indoor or outdoor places, whereby, patrons no longer flock into the library buildings but go to public areas like community, enterprise, subway, park, etc. to do library activities. Intech has rolled out a contactless library service mode backed by the equipment flexibility and RFID technology for several years. Under this mode, patrons can make a reservation for books online, and then library staffs dispatch the books onto the assigned locations when they receive the requirements. After that, patrons can take the books on the pre-determined locations at any time. Intech contactless library service undoubtedly meets the demands for safety, isolating, and convenience during the COVID-19 epidemic.
Intech smart mini library in the community, park, office areas
Experts believe novel coronavirus is possible to be inactivated by the ultraviolet light and heat radiation within 30 minutes. Given this property, Intech installs UV disinfection lamps in each grid of the barcode self check mini library to kill the pathogen. The UV disinfection lamps only work regularly of two times every day, and will automatically sanitize the circulating books when they are placed onto the grids. It can effectively eradicate the virus on the circulation and prevent patrons from the virus infection.
Intech barcode self check mini lib adopts the UV disinfection lamp to eradicate the virus.
That’s a tough challenge for fighting coronavirus in China, and around the world. However, Intech does believe that the infection can be overwhelmed in nearly future with our aggressive, ambitious efforts. Intech distributed contactless smart library solution will give you enough safety, more convenience not only amid the coronavirus epidemics but even in the future!

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