Under the guidance of the company's strategy, INTECH R&D center has formulated its own strategy -"Strengthening Platform Construction, Cultivating Core Technology, Taking Software Development as the Base, Serving Production Market, Focusing on Customer Value and Leading the Market Demand”.

INTECH Software R&D Center has applied multiple invention patents and software copyrights, regardless of hardware or software, to guarantee high reliability, excellent performance and strong technical support of our products.

For INTECH R&D Center, its primary tasks are as follows: aiming at potential market demands and industry trends, and developing high-quality, high-tech and cost-effective products;  improving the technology constantly for the existing products; creating a community which will combine scientific research with the market closely, and focusing on the customers to provide first-class products and services for the customers.

INTECH Software R&D Center will continuously strengthen and consummate our construction to make contributions to Technical Education all over the world.

INTECH Software R&D Center