24h Self Service Intech Smart Mini Library

Posted: Jun. 18th, 2021

Intech smart mini library has gained ground with a number of successful installations. Recently, a batch of smart mini library device has being implemented in Shiyan Experimental school in Hanjiang city, Hubei province, China.
a small, space-saving package of Intech smart mini library
Intech smart mini library is encased in space-saving package, therefore, it can be hosted in indoors place, such as corridor in the teaching buildings. Equipped with six layers of shelf holding materials, it also supports to be expanded as needed.
Intech smart mini library in the corridor
Based on RFID technology, Intech smart mini library makes students no longer restricted by the opening hours and distance of the school library. Students can enjoy full services, including inquiry, check out, return books, renew, etc., on this sleek machine.
simple-to-use Intech smart mini library
To ensure an exceptional user experience, Intech smart mini library offers fast login method through facial recognition, better accessibility with a simple-to-use touch screen, and it takes only a few steps to finish your library transaction.

Connected with library management system, it detects and collects data in real-time to generate variety of reports for library staff analysis, such as reader rank, book circulation rate, etc.
Intech RFID library management system

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