How to Choose the Best Projector for You?

Posted: Apr. 21st, 2020

When you are purchasing a projector but don’t know what choice to make for a wide variety of projectors, looking at this article hopes it will help you. The interactive whiteboard, projector, computer forms a system. The signal touched on the whiteboard will be transmitted to the computer, and then the projector will display the image on the electronic whiteboard through the computer. Therefore, the choice of the projector is closely related to the whiteboard.

Projectors generally divided into three types, long-throw projector, short-throw projector, and ultra-short-throw projector. The difference is they have different throw distances, which are the length of the light from the lens to the interactive whiteboard. The long-throw projectors are relatively cheap due to low lens manufacturing costs, which are generally use in large venues, such as outdoor theater, stadium. As for the short-throw projector, the advantage is that it can show a larger image in a shorter distance, the smaller the distance from the lens to the interactive whiteboard, the lower the probability of people blocking the light. So short-throw projectors are frequently use in the meeting room, classroom, even if at home.
From lens to screen when XGA image is projected.
It is worth mentioning that when there is sufficient budget, the ultra-short-throw projector will make you the best choice. The ultra-short-throw projectors have the shortest throw distances, which results in the light is basically not blocked by people. So the ultra-short-throw projectors are widely used in schools and conference rooms cooperated with the interactive whiteboard.

In summary, INTECH interactive whiteboard can allow ten people to write at the same time. Therefore, the combination of whiteboard and projector will make the classroom more effective and interesting. If you have further questions, please contact us as WWW.CNINTECH.COM.

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