Intech Barcode Selfcheck Mini Library Launched in Dalian City

Posted: May 13th, 2020

After evaluating the needs of the employees, the Dalian Federation of Trade Union in Zhongshan District decided to start a reading project, and turned to Intech as a trusted supplier partner.

The first of three Intech smart library locations installed in Bank of China, Haiyun Mansion, Jiazhaoye Plaza of Dalian are opened at the end of April, which drew the attention of employees to enjoy their reading.
three Intech smart library locations installed in Dalian
Intech barcode selfcheck mini library, as a part of the Intech distributed smart library solutions, fulfills a wealth of essential library services by enabling patrons to scan to sign in the library system, and achieve their demands for check in, check out, reserve, search, renew, etc. by themselves. This self-service machine is designed to be placed in such locations crowded with a huge number of people like in the train station, community center, mall, etc. In consequence, it provides patrons with expanded library access at a more convenient time as well as places.
tailored Intech barcode selfcheck mini library
Intech barcode selfcheck mini library is the best ideal within the budgetary constrain. It is small enough to suit your limited space, while coming with an extensive capacity of up to 240 books. Moreover, to ensure the safety of library items as well as to accelerate the patron’s access to the items accurately, this self-check kiosk has plenty of independent cubicles only for one item storage. Each numbered cubicle has its own antenna to detect the status of the library items in real-time. It is also available in numerous capacity options and supports customize graphic wraps, to cater to the different needs of the customers.
tailored Intech barcode selfcheck mini library
Intech barcode selfcheck mini library in Zhongshan district has been such a successful pilot that the decision-maker is going to introduce and install more selfcheck kiosks on other locations.

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