Customer Story | Intech 24h Self-service Reading Room Solution in Nanjing

Posted: Nov. 08th, 2019

To create a more convenient and flexible intelligent reading space, Nanjing Lishui Jingji Kaifa Qu Primary School adopts Intech self-service reading room solution, involving self-check system, RFID staff station system, security system, etc. Being able to do everything is the biggest advantage of Intech 24h self-service reading room solution. It can help to build a unique reading environment with round-the-clock service and with library staff no needed.
Intech 24h Self-service Reading Room Solution in Nanjing Lishui Jingji Kaifa Qu Primary School
Intech self-check system has done a very good job of serving a few purposes, such as identifying multiple library materials attached with RFID tags at once; supporting self-check out and check in; enabling to inquiry the items from the current inventory; allowing to view user’s account information; etc. The utilization of this system has delighted both readers and library staffs, because readers can access the library items easily and enjoy their reading trip, while library staffs can free from the cumbersome procedures of borrowing and returning books. Intech self-check system would definitely be something that today’s library need when it is now stepping into a full-automated, intelligent, and networking modern library.
Intech self-check system
Intech RFID staff station is such a kind of device that integrates reading and writing RFID tags, and identifying varieties of reader cards or ID card or barcode functions. It is used to convert the barcode to RFID tags, or applies to library items checking-in or out, resulting in ensuring quick circulation and library service.
Intech RFID staff station
Intech RFID security gate system gives the library materials reliable protection from the theft by identifying the RFID tags attached to the library materials. It provides exceptional performance on high detection rate and low alarm false; utilizes the 3-D detection technology to ensure detection at any label orientation; supports various alarm detection modes and multiple security doors installed side by side.
Intech RFID security gate system
Intech library management platform integrates with book circulation management, device management and OPAC management to obtain more specific information regarding the book classification, borrowing rankings of classifications, reader rankings, book borrowing rankings, department rankings, department reading trends, etc. As a result, staffs can retrieve these valuable data with ease when needed, and improve the library efficiency and service level.
Intech library management platform
Intech 24h self-service reading room solution offers full range of services to adapting today’s reader’s needs, making library services more accessible to more readers and facilitating library management as well. So if you are requesting a reliable, innovative smart library solution, please contact us for future partnership.

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