Intech AI Visual Inventory System Helped with Library Operation Optimization

Posted: Dec. 07th, 2023

Project Context
Every task requires human intervention at a traditional library, especially for library inventory, librarians need to spend much time on the procedure of tracking, restocking, and data updates. In response to this challenge, Xiamen Heshan Community Library introduced Intech AI inventory system, which optimizes the operation with autonomous inventory and book self-localization.
Xiamen Heshan Community Library
The Solution
Intech AI visual inventory system is combined with the AI camera-based recognition technique and computer vision technique to detect and collect the book data with greater inventory accuracy reaching 98 percent. The cameras recognize the labels fixed on the book spine on the shelves, and log the data to the library system, including title, author, RFID tag ID number, publication date, etc. Meanwhile, it generates a visualized report with precise item locations for restocking misplaced or mis-sequenced books.
Intech AI visual inventory system

Intech AI visual inventory system also provided different methods for managing inventory, including stocktake counting at different areas and at a set time, taking an inventory on a particular shelf, and level-by-level statistics for inventory areas, etc. All the analysis data can be gathered in the library system and exported with it.
Intech AI visual inventory system

The Results
There were no significant changes to be made to the environment, only ceiling-mount cameras were required. Thus, it avoided downtime for the library during the deployment.
Intech AI visual inventory system

Intech AI visual inventory system

With books in their proper place and synchronized with the OPAC system, patrons found what they were looking for. Simply enter the title on a, all information related to the books involving the precise shelf position was displayed on the phone for patrons to pick up books faster.
Intech AI visual inventory system

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