Sixin Library of Youyi Street Primary School: A Combination of Culture and Technology

Posted: Jan. 24th, 2024

Founded as a response to the promotion of national reading, the Sixin Library of Youyi Street Primary School has been established and opened recently. The new library is the union between culture and technology, which provides the ultimate accessibility, convenience, efficiency, and security. The principal hopes more and more students can seek knowledge at this cultural hub.

Sixin Library of Youyi Street Primary School

Let’s take a deeper look into this modern library. Stepping into the first floor of the library, readers can see plenty of library equipment placed at different positions to serve patrons, such as the security gate, self-service kiosk, staff workstation, a large screen to display the library's daily data, and much more. These devices were developed by Intech company which is the leading RFID smart library solution provider.
smart library

Intech smart library solutions

In previous days, students needed to go to the circulation desk and ask the library staff to help them check out or return books, but now readers can do it by themselves on Intech self-service kiosk. What they should do is place books on the device identification area, and follow the guidance to complete their library transactions. Besides, the self-service kiosk delivers readers optimal service by shortening the queue time as it allows multiple simultaneous readings of the book tags, which is unlike to the barcode scanner reading books one by one.
rfid library


Streamlining the library staff workflows can maximize efficiency, therefore, Intech provided the inventory cart and staff workstation for this library. The software was developed by Intech and pre-installed on the equipment before delivery. Library staff can embrace this new technology that is so easy to use and doesn't require much in-depth technical training. Moreover, it can reduce staff time spent on repetitive tasks while doing other high-value work.
staff workstation

Historical data is of vital importance for library planning, control, and investments. Intech Library Analysis is a kind of reporting software that helps libraries keep track of their materials, the costs incurred, reader’s activities, and much more, and collect these important data for further analysis and evaluation so that staff and readers can see the created statistics directly from a large monitor. Meanwhile, the library can make crucial decisions and check the usefulness of the purchases and investments.

library hall

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