Intech Strengthened Partnership of Shool Library and Public Library

Posted: Feb. 21st, 2024

Guangzhou Huawan School is situated at Huadu District, Guangzhou City, China, spanning 91,000 square-meters with about 5,400 students. In response to the promotion of enhancing the communication and cooperation between the schoool library and public library, it chose Intech as the trusted supplier to assist it to build a smart library recently.
Guangzhou Huawan School Library
Intech used RFID technology to the revolutionized the way library operates, and made its LMS seamlessly integrated with Huadu Public Library. In that way, students and citizens can easily access to the library resources of both two libraries.
Guangzhou Huawan School Library
Raising student's awareness about the importance of reading and developing their love for reading is vital for the school library. To meet this requirement, Intech paid more attention to the library reading area during the refurbnishment. A large number of e-readers were offered now to enrich the ways of reading. Apart from the print books, students can search, browse the digital resources from the library on the e-readers as long as it connects to the WiFi.
Intech RFID solutions applied to school library environment
Self-check system is an important component of smart library to minimize the time and simplify the circulation of library materials. Several self-service kiosk were placed at the library to help to the borrow, return and renew of the multiple items at a time. It eliminated the librarian's labour intensive stapes of check in and check out while greatly improving readers experience.
Intech self-service kiosk
To support data-driven decision-making, the demand for data analytics in the library has increased in recent years. However, libraries generate millions of records about their collections and usage each year, and analyzing these data is not an easy task, therefore Intech developed Library Analytics  tool, aiming to help library staff use data to better understand and demonstrate their library's impact. Intech Library Analytics features a range of visualizations of user's seeking behavior, collection use and circulation location, the number of people visiting by day, month and year, etc. The data will be gathered, interpreted, analyzed, and eventually generate a visual report demonstrated on the library large monitor for visitors viewing. It provides readers with a basis of library collection usage, and allows library staff and decision makers to better planning, allocation, and improvement of the library resources.
Intech Library Analytics tool

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