Outreach Service of Bei'an Public Library

Posted: Nov. 13th, 2023

Project Context
Bei'an is one of the cities in Heilongjiang Province, covering an area of 7,193 square kilometers. As the only one public library in the city, Bei'an Public Library has a collection of over 120 thousand volumes serving a population of more than 300 thousand people. It is dedicated to enriching the cultural live and addressing the spiritural needs of all the people that lives in this area by improving reading motivation and engagement among the people. Bei'an Public Library looked for a supplier who can provide a solution to enable extended access to the library materials, and Intech was chosen as the best match.
Intech smart mini library solutions
The Solution
Smart mini library designed, developed, and produced by Intech, is a portable decive to extend library coverage with minimal costs. It is available for various models with different capacity to fit well into different environment. The implementation is straightforward as it only needs to plug in to a power socket and LAN router onsite. More important, it provides users with a much-appreciated ability to borrow, return, renew, reserve items 24/7 by automatically identifying and checking items based on RFID-tagging. Intech Smart mini enables the library media to reach the masses even those in underserved areas. It totally meets the requirements of Bei'an Public Library which was planned to place two devices on the third floor of Bei'an Administrative Office Center and the emergency lobby of Bei'an First People's Hospital.
Intech smart mini library models
The Results
The small footprint and classic wrap design allowed the smart mini library to fit harmoniously to the space and architecture style of these two spots. The two devices were stocked with 120 items respectively, which were transported from Bei'an Public Library. The items shelved on the equipment’s cabinet involves children’s picture books, adults books, etc., which would be updated regularly to make sure every user is covered.
Intech smart mini library placed in Bei'an city

Users were experiencing Intech smart mini library device.
The two devices had a great fascination for the users, and they had no problems at all with the App operations, because Intech developed the App software with clean and simple UI design and fewer steps to deliver users the best experience, and what they need to do was to activate their ID card for the future’s library transactions. After authentification, users enjoyed all the library services that they can experience in traditional physical library in a more intelligent and modern way. Intech smart mini library allowed the library resource sharing with Bei'an Public Library and offered library outreach services, creating a convenient and cozy reading environment for the local residents.
borrow books from Intech smart mini library

return books into Intech smart mini library

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