Library of Shenzhen Foreign Languages School

Posted: Oct. 24th, 2023

About SFLS Library
The high school department of Shenzhen Foreign Languages School (SFLS) is situated in Yantian District, Shenzhen, covering an area of more than 130,000 square meters. The school stands out for its academic excellence, focus on Chinese Academy culture, and dedication to innovation in practice.
Library of Shenzhen Foreign Languages School (SFLS)
The Challenge
The school library strives to create a space where readers can gain technology and information literacy skills, stay engaged with a book, and much more, however, it is facing some inevitable challenges today. For example, it is not convenient for readers to check out or return library materials due to the limited library working hours. It also affects foot traffic and items circulation of the library. In addition, asking a librarian is a free service for those who need assistance from the library staff, but it leads the staff to have no time to do more valuable work. All these challenges led the school library to find an RFID solution, and Intech happened to be their best choice, which had a lot of experience in dealing with RFID technology across the libraries.

Intech Self-Service Kiosk is a good self-check system delivering lots of benefits to the library and readers alike. Different from the tedious one-by-one barcode check, it allows to process multiple items in one single step to reduce queue time and free up the librarian's capacity. Several items can be placed on the RFID reader pad for the system to automatically check, if any exception items will be reported as a separate color on the screen. Readers will get an instant response to their library activities on their personal account. The self-service kiosk provides an easier, safer, and more convenient experience and service.
Intech Self-Service Kiosk & Search Machine

Intech RFID library solution

Due to the large number of enroll and faculty, the SFLS library experiences a huge amount of returns around the clock. Intech Book Container is an ideal assistant for handling bulk returns in conjunction with the Self-service Kiosk. Each self-service kiosk is coupled with two book containers to hold as many as returned works, whereby, there is no need to empty the container for every hour usually by library staff. It is also designed ergonomically with an automatic lift that raise up or down when the container is being filled or emptied, which drastically avoids acts of vandalism returns.
Intech RFID library solution
To search and locate a book from millions of free materials at the library is very difficult. Intech Search Machine creates an easy way to resolve this issue. Readers can enter the relevant search terms including title, author, call number, and any other important keywords, which will jump directly to what they need with an identified pickup location. Also, readers can browse book recommendations and popular booklists on the equipment screen. They might serendipitously discover their new interests and passions for reading.
Intech Search Machine

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