INTECH Interactive Flat Panel DW Series: The Smart Alternative for Touch World (Part 1)

Posted: Aug. 08th, 2022

With the technology develops, interactive flat panel, also known as interactive display, increasingly replaces the interactive whiteboards and projectors, because it provides better collaboration and more dynamic possibilities to different settings, whether in meeting room, conferences or educational settings. INTECH interactive flat panel DW series with all-in-one features to play an active role between teachers and students, presentators and audience.

An abrasive black materials in ultra slim bezel frame design, users will be pleased to get a beautiful item with a stylic appearance. The thin and lightweight body makes it hussle free for installation. Incorporating with the realistic IR technology up to 20 touch points simulteneously, the interactive touch panels ensure the widest viewing range, and deliver the optimal visual experience.
INTECH interactive flat panel DW series with ultra slim bezel frame
Input and output interaface is another important parameters for the interactive display, even for any electronic products as they provide vital communicate links between digital items and peripherals. INTECH touch display DW series embraces a host of powerful interface to satisfy user’s different requirements. Apart from universal USB ports, it also includes versatile connectivity options of HDMI, RS232 port for transfering and sharing different media files such as video, audio, documents, etc. The embedded WiFi modules in 2.4G/5G dual band help in achieving quick internet connection with an excellent signal strength. What’s more, DW series interactive flat panel employs the ground-breaking technology -- the full-featured USB Type-C, which carries more power because it’s bi-directional, allowing a device either send data at high speed or receive power at the same time.
INTECH touch display DW series embraces a host of powerful I/O ports.
INTECH interactive flat panel display has been specifically optimized to 1.5GHz quad-core processor, that is one superfast processor to make performance better for multitasking. With the help of this improvement, users will have pleasant surprise on faster running multiple Apps, quicker loading webpages, more seamless transfering content, better image processing ability, lower power consumption, and so on. In addition, 3G plus 32G of onboard memory solution offers ample storage for files and medias.
INTECH interactive flat panel display powered by high performance processor
INTECH interactive flat panel is undoubtly an optimal addition for meeting room, classroom, and remote conference. Keep reading for all the details you need about INTECH interactive flat panel in the next article.

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