Interactive Touch Technology Makes Teachers Become Superheroes

Posted: Jul. 18th, 2022

A superhero is someone who has supernatural power beyond ordinary people, and uses this power to do impossible things. However, teachers are merely human beings without a superpower, how can they become superheroes to help students achieve the impossible?

In recent few years have presented teachers have done great things in education with the help of interactive touch technology. It makes teachers become superheroes in the eyes of their students. In this post, you will learn how teachers increase the students’ engagement with the interactive tech in class.
1. Tech-based simulations with hand-on experience
The embedded whiteboard software preinstalled on the INTECH IWB possesses a large number of ready-made digital replicas for math, physics, and chemistry. It is a great way for teachers to illustrate and apply concepts straightly, and for students to practice by using the virtual objects they use the same ones in class.
Tech-based simulations with hand-on experience
2. Split screen with engaging activities
One of the fantastic features of INTECH interactive displays is to create split screen for easy collaboration. Teachers can divide students into many groups and select over two group members to manipulate on the touch screen, and assign them with a shared workspace where students contribute different contents or ideas simultaneously. It’s a unique way to stimulate learners’ inspiration and improve collaboration.

3. Share lessons with QR code
Teachers are allowed to edit the existing lessons by annotating, inserting images, or even embedding videos to enhance the ready-made lesson contents. To share with students as notes, teachers can choose the QR code sharing feature to generate a new QR code instantly. And what students need to do is scan the QR code displayed on the screen with their mobile device. The lesson content will be exported as an image, enabling students to save it locally on the mobile device or Cloud platform.
Share lessons with QR code
4. Organize, open, and share from Cloud storage
Integrations with the third-party cloud storage options like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc., on the INTECH interactive flat panel greatly expand the way teachers can use their U flash disk. It means teachers easily access any folders that have been migrated to the cloud service. In addition, all materials can be directly downloaded by students to review. Compared to the paper learning reference, it is a great option for students to have a test prep, because it is accessible anywhere and at any time.

In the digital era, interactive tech empowers teachers with the super ability to do impossible things that they can’t achieve in the blackboard era.

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