Intech RFID Smart Library Solutions in Meizhou City, Guangzhou

Posted: Jun. 14th, 2022

As a one-stop solution provider of smart library solutions, Intech provides users with diversified and customizable smart library solutions, including the 24-hour self-service reading room, public library with RFID technology, and distributed RFID library solutions for the smart campus, and so forth. Recently, Intech helps many public libraries and schools in Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, to complete the construction and upgrade with a rich product line.
Intech RFID Smart Library Solutions
Cooperated with Intech, Meizhou Middle School constructs a spacious 24-hour self-service reading room, where students can read without the help of library staff.
Intech 24-hour self-service reading room
Intech seeks a comprehensive solution to upgrade the traditional library with RFID technology for Fengshun Middle School. Entering the library, you can see a lot of added devices installed on the library, such as the self-service kiosk, self-check kiosk, search machine, etc. These devices with the self-service feature will ease the burden of the library workstation.
Intech RFID technology products
The smart library of Chengjiang Town Central Primary School has adopted the self-service kiosk with vivid colors, which is specially designed for kids, and will be more harmonious with the overall environment of the library.
Intech smart library solutions designed for primary school
In the Central Primary School of Shejiang Town, Intech smart mini lib with two extendable cabinets provides a more interesting choice for the collection of books in the teaching building.
Intech smart mini lib
Intech is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and marketing. Please contact us for more customized RFID library solutions.

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