INTECH Smart Mini Lib Installed on School No. 123, Yekaterinburg city, Russia

Posted: Sept. 2nd, 2022

Project Context
School No. 123 is a new school located in Akademichesky district, Yekaterinburg city, Russia. The school hopes that it will become steps up for the children to new knowledge and achievements, so it provides students with diverse learning, living environments, scholarly resources, and comfortable study space. When it looked for an RFID library technology as a supplement for their modern school, INTECH’s Russian partner rose to the top.
School No. 123, Yekaterinburg city, Russia
INTECH RFID library solution includes 24h reading room, self-check kiosk, workstation, etc., and in this case, our partner assisted School No.123 to install smart mini lib. The library operation hours are sometimes a pain for the traditional library, however, as a friendly option for 24/7 self-checking books, INTECH smart mini lib means students are not restricted to library hours. The self-service machine was strategically placed in the hall on the first floor of the school’s buildings. To improve the student’s user experience, it enables students to return books and have them removed from their account instantly so they can borrow again at once. In addition, students can self-check multiple items from the machine to avoid queues and improve circulation efficiency. Of course, the library staff's stress can be drastically reduced thanks to the installation of this machine. The security camera as an option is used to protect the books from any acts of vandalism.
INTECH smart mini lib
The head of Yekaterinburg, Alexey Orlov, visited School No. 123 on On 31st, Aug. When the guests of honor stepped into the hall of the building, Olga Starikova, the director of the school, showed the smart mini lib to the guests. She logged into the system using an electronic library card, entered the password, and received a book, A Hero of Our Time, noveled by Lermontov. All the guests were surprised by the machine for self-checking books within five seconds. "This is more than just a school! It looks like an entire microdistrict. The building turned out to be unique in its equipment and beauty," said Aleksey Orlov, the mayor of Yekaterinburg, after visited other parts of the school. School No.123 officially opened its doors and accepted the first students to start a new academic year on the 1st, of September.
The director of the School No.123, showed the smart mini lib to the guests.

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