The Application of Intech RFID Smart Library Solution

Posted: Apr. 24th, 2019

Compared with the traditional library, Intech RFID smart library solution enables the library equipment modernization, and the library management system intelligent. It improves the library circulations and reduces the stress of library staff with ease and efficiency. Given those features, Intech RFID smart library solution has been widely used in middle/high school and primary school, in China.

In recent, Fujian Zhangzhou No.1 High School adopts Intech RFID smart library solution to reconstruct its library. Intech has customized more than 1,000 sets of RFID shelf tags for Zhangzhou No.1 High School. With RFID tags, each book in the library is marked with the smart ID. Besides, the application of Intech RFID staff station helps the librarians easily convert the book tags and other management tasks. It greatly reduces the workload of the librarian and improves the efficiency of book circulations.
Intech RFID staff sation
Zhangzhou No.1 High School also adopts the Intech RFID security gate, which not only ensure the safety of library assets, but also provide real-time statistics of library traffic. Coupled with Intech library management system, library staffs are empowered with lots of authorizations to grasper the library status, such as library traffic, library items views, readers ranking, etc. Moreover, it supports book navigation by supplying the book position figure to help readers find books quickly.
Intech RFID security gate
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