Upgrade Your Smart Classroom Solution to IFPs

Posted: Oct. 20th, 2020

Interactive whiteboards become a mainstay for smart classrooms with the introduction of the first iwb began in 1911. However, with the interactive technology’s progression, interactive flat panel is now dominating the interactive market in classrooms.

An interactive flat panel is similar to a tablet in terms of appearance and capability while in large size. Therefore, in comparison with iwbs, there are a host of features of ifps that can be used in different and better ways.

Unlike the interactive whiteboard, the obvious advantage of the interactive flat panel is that it can eliminate the requirement for a projector since it does not rely on the assistance of a projector. In a long term, there is minimal ongoing maintenance cost -- no need to periodically change the bulb and clean the fan of the projector. The ifp makes use of the advanced touch technology so that it does not require calibration off and on. Besides, the screen is less affected by overhead lighting or sunlight from windows, to ensure image quality with magnified, clear details and vivid color match. In a word, an interactive flat panel is a hassle-free solution to cater to all the needs of modern classrooms as it comes with built-in speakers resonating images from the screen and a 4K HD camera creating an excellent visual experience beyond your expectation.
all in one interactive flat panel
Interactive flat panel, as an effective wireless connectivity screen, supports wireless connection to laptops or tablets to boost the communication between teacher-students or enhance collaboration among students. This undoubtedly coincides with the future education trend of small group collaboration and personalized learning. For one thing, teachers can mirror any teaching materials impromptu on the large screen from their mobile devices for further demonstration. For another thing, students can take away the digital annotation to their learning devices at any time.
interactive flat panel functions
So are you ready to move to interactive flat panels which are good alternatives to interactive whiteboards?

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