Intech Smart Bookshelf----Troubleshooting the Shelving Challenges

Posted: Nov. 20th, 2020

To cater to the needs of the construction of a smart library, Intech partners with Liuzhou City Library to rebuild the Liuzhou Central District Library as a modern library.
Liuzhou Central District Library
It is no doubt that the organization of library resources is critical to the success of delivering a library’s service. However, it is also a big challenge encountered by librarians. So does it have any methods in effectively shelving the abounding resources?

To solve this problem, Intech recommends its smart bookshelf to Liuzhou City Library. Intech smart bookshelf is real-time detection equipment for library management. It adds RFID antennae to the actual shelves to create a totally unified library service chain for books real-time inventory, position and navigation, wrong and lost report generation, etc, creating an intelligent and digital environment for all users.
Intech smart bookshelf
With the application of Intech smart bookshelf, both library staff and patrons can benefit a lot.

Eliminate Queues
Intech smart bookshelf allows several patrons to borrow or return library materials simultaneously, eliminating the time for waiting in queues.

Real-time Inventory
The smart bookshelf will start automated inventory when no patrons operate, and collect the data to upload to the dashboard. In this way, it saves library staff a great deal of time and frees them from the tedious work for more meaningful tasks.
Intech smart bookshelf
Automated Checkouts
Patrons return the library items onto the shelf, and the smart bookshelf will automate check out the newly placed items making them available for the next patrons immediately. Whereby, it decreases the turnaround time for the available checkouts.

Position and Navigation
The RFID tag is employed to help patrons find their wanted library items quickly. For the accurate position of the target items, just scan the RFID tag or search them on the screen.
Intech smart bookshelf
Prompt Wrong Shelf
The smart bookshelf is also characterized by the misplaced prompt, meaning that the system will alert the patrons or librarians to put the items in their correct locations on library shelves through the integrated screen if they place the items improperly.

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