What Factors Affect the Cost of Interactive Flat Panel?

Posted: Apr. 22nd, 2021

As an efficient assistant for teachers and an engaging visual aid for students, interactive flat panel display has become a popular investment in education institutions. However, what factors drive interactive flat panel price?

Brand Efficacy
There are varieties of interactive flat panel manufacturers, such as Promethean, ViewSonic, Samsung, Hitevision, etc., which enjoy a good reputation with better feedback of user experience in the field of interactive touch for many years. Whereby, their products might be more expensive than other competitors.
Quality Construction
High quality with robust construction plays a quite major role in driving prices of the interactive flat panel. Some manufacturers adopt reinforced glass with additional glass treatments, and crafted bezels to create their products. It may lead you to pay more money for buying their products. However, these touch panels are worth a bit more costly due to their reliability and durability. You don’t need to replace another new technology as often or spend additional maintenance costs.

Display Sizes
The popular sizes of ifp in the market range from 65 inches to 98 inches. Generally speaking, the bigger the interactive panel is, the more expensive it is. After all, there are many things required to upgrade the larger displays, let alone the increased expenditure on raw materials, workmanship, and other performance.

Configurations are another key factor affecting the price of the interactive touch panel. The basic configurations usually involve the operating system version, processor, memory, storage, and so on. Boasting the best configurations means, it does not only optimize the display performance, but also give a fantastic user experience. Thus, if your budget is not constrained, the touch panel with the best configurations is recommended.

Touch Technology
There are a variety of touch technologies available in the market today, including infrared, optical, capacitive touch technology, etc., with each type of touch technology suited to different needs. The capacitive interactive flat panel comes at a large cost, while the infrared touch panel is a budget-friendly solution.

There are still many other factors into interactive touch panel prices, like connectivity, software, warranty, etc. Hope these information can help you make a decision on purchasing an interactive flat panel display.

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