Different Glass Treatments for Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Posted: Mar. 15th, 2021

There is no worse than getting into trouble with a grubby, scratched, or even reflective screen after paid big money for an interactive flat panel display. Thus, an additional coating applied to the touch panel would help you get rid of those dilemmas. However, different glass treatments play different roles in its application.

We know that the original glass often has high light transmittance and glare for the interference of the ambient light, which will cause the viewers vertigo when manufacturers apply it onto the surface of the LED touch panel. However, instead of original glass, we can opt for the anti-glare glass that can change the reflective surface to a matte one. The AG glass of the surface can scatter the light and form a diffuse reflection to create a clear visual enjoyment and protect the eyes. In consequence, viewers will not see the phenomenon of light reflection on the interactive flat panel.
anti-glare interactive flat panel
Anti-fingerprint coatings mean putting a very thin layer of chemical material onto the touch screen without sacrifice of the quality of pictures. This glass treatment can minimize the oil smudge, fingerprint residue, or other stains, and make them easy to clean off. Another benefit of the AF coatings is that you will have a smoother touch feel on the screen. For the non-treated surface, you may get a “broken digital ink” on the interactive display. In contrast, there is no intermission, no skips when writing on the ifp with anti-fingerprint cover.
anti fingerprint interactive touch panel
No matter how you are careful, the unsightly scratches sometimes happen on the touch flat panel, let alone daily children’s activity. So scratch resistance property is vital for a safer and more durable interactive flat panel. Although the anti-scratch coating is not 100% scratch-proof and wear-and-tear resistance, it acts as a protective layer to mitigate abrasion on the touch screen for extreme durability and reduce the repair and maintenance difficulty as well as cost.
anti scratch interactive display
You might consider which treatment is suitable for your application before purchasing, since not all the treatments can be combined in one machine.

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