Renovation of Xuzhou Library

Posted: Apr. 18th, 2023

Project Context
Xuzhou Library has a history of nearly a hundred years. In order to meet the needs of delivering a modern public library to patrons, the municipal government has been looking for new ways to innovate its services, upgrade its facilities, and enhance the environment since 2021. As a leading smart library solution provider, Intech was pleased to be selected as a trusted technology partner to participate in this project.

Xuzhou Library

Patron behavior has changed in the era of big data, instant access to library materials and self-service is a must in modern libraries. Intech offer multiple products to address these concerns. The self-service kiosk coupled with a book container can scan and recognize the library materials attached with RFID tags, and change the manual borrowing and returning to a self-service manner. The search machine provides patrons with a query function and downloads e-materials. Robots can be used for outreach in library public relations by acting as library greeters and reference service instructors to carry out a complex series of actions, including striking up a conversation between patrons, automated change direction to avoid barriers, etc. These devices are placed strategically in different library spots, allowing patrons to instantly access, read, and enjoy the physical collections and digital resources from Xuzhou Library.

Intech smart library products at Xuzhou Library

Xuzhou Library reopened last month after two years of renovation. It embraces the latest technology to serve citizens who are now seeing higher reading engagement than ever before. “We sincerely hope this new, state-of-the-art library will become a part of the city to adapt and cater to the needs of the citizens, and draw more and more city members to breathe life into the downtown,” said Yan Yunfei, the director of Xuzhou Library.

Intech smart library products at Xuzhou Library

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