Delivering Modernization at the Library of Guangxi Wuzhou No. 8 Middle School

Posted: Jun. 26th, 2023

Project Context
Guangxi Wuzhou No. 8 Middle School is a public middle school with a history of nearly 54 years. In order to build an immersive reading experience space integrated with full functions involving aesthetics, reading, communication, learning, and innovation, it selected Intech as its trusted partner to refurbish its library.

Guangxi Wuzhou No. 8 Middle School

Self-service and security are crucial parts of the construction this time. Thereby, Intech provided equipment that can improve security, and enhance the student experience. The safety gate was installed at the entrance/exit of the library to detect and protect items with no mis-alarm thanks to RFID technology. The search machine and self-service kiosk were provided to facilite retrive, and accelerate the borrowing/return processes.

Intech library solutions

Intech also rolled out a series of equipment to support library staff work. The smart inventory cart and staff workstation can make a great contribution to managing large library collections and offering students better service. In addition, the equipment was compatible with the library’s existing software, which enabled administrators to gain reports for better decision-making.

Intech library solutions

The result was appreciated by the library administrator when the project was completed. The library administrator was happy with Intech’s flexible solutions, service level, and quick response throughout the project. A modern library along with advanced technology has been ready for use.

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